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  The APP is currently taking registrations as it is being developed. 

Viveka and Local 22 Health Plan will continue to update the APP adding information and services to help our members take full advantage of their Health Plan Resources. 


Members with up to date cell phone numbers on file may be contacted by phone or text from  announcing the APP’s availability and download instructions. We urge you to answer this call and download the APP.

Members who want to download the APP immediately can follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.


We are pleased to announce that Local 22 Health Plan has partnered with VIVEKA Health to develop an APP for our members.

The APP will be a real valuable tool for our members.

You will have the ability :

  • To add dependents,
  • Send documents such as Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates directly to the Health Plan via the App,
  • Find nearby doctors, pharmacies and other Health Plan providers
  • Access your Blue Cross and Benecard Cards
  • Receive Health Plan Updates and information
  • Receive your Medical History (Optional)
  • Communicate with the Health PLan

To download the Local 22 Health Plan / VIVEKA  APP go to the APP store on your Cell Phone.  Download the Viveka Health APP. 

Follow the registration instructions then sign in.

Downloading and registering for the APP will meet 1 of your 2 qualifying events for your FY 22 Wellness Incentive.

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